Cognichoice® is a line of personal awareness and social sharing software applications based on the principle that awareness of feelings and thoughts within the context of social support can foster conscious, healthy choices.

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Cognichoice Enterprise is a personal awareness and social sharing software platform available to users in web, mobile web, and mobile versions, based on evidence-based techniques that result in behavior change, offered as custom editions of “white label” web browser-based, mobile web, and mobile device software to companies and organizations in the health care industry who are mission-driven and prevention-driven to help their patients make choices that result in prescribed behavior change.

A custom, branded edition of Cognichoice is created for each particular population a health company or organization desires to serve. For example, a health organization might have one version for its adolescent type 2 diabetes patients, one version for its adult prescription drug dependent patients, and one for its support group for male veterans with PTSD. Customers pay a set-up fee for each edition and a yearly subscription fee for blocks of users.

We envision Cognichoice being recommended and assigned by health care providers and professionals to groups of their patients and clients who need help getting healthier – people with mental illness, substance use issues, PTSD, type 2 diabetes. Chronic conditions such as these require people to change their behavior, manage it, and practice self-care, thus increasing health outcomes and reducing costs to the care provider. We also offer Cognichoice to employers who wish to help their employees get healthier, have healthier work lives, and lower health care coverage costs.

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Cognichoice®, under the brand name Feel. Think. Choose.™, was one of five finalists selected for the Open Business Concept Competition of the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Challenge, April 11, 2012, in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

She Chooses®, a prototype of Cognichoice®, was selected as one of fifty-five start-ups to compete at Distilled Intelligence 1.0, October 11, 2011, at the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) in Herndon, Virginia, USA.


At the Cognichoice demonstration site you can experience the web app’s process from registration to use. An email address is required and an activation email is sent to the user to complete the registration process.

A prototype of Cognichoice™, offered through both web browser and mobile device, is She Chooses®, a personal awareness and social sharing network for women. User experience for the web can be tested at the She Chooses site and user experience for mobile can be tested by downloading She Chooses in the App Store.

A generic version of the web app, branded Feel. Think. Choose.™, is populated with test user names and updates for demo purposes. It is not open to the public but access is available by request.

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