10 Sobering Facts on the Business Costs of Addiction in 2016

By Laurel Sindewaldnumbers

  1. In 2014, 10.2% of Americans 12 or older were current users of illegal drugs and, in 2013, of 22.4 million current illegal drug users 18 or older, 15.4 million or 68.9% were employed full-time or part-time. Source and Source
  2. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that drug abuse and addiction from the use of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs cost the U.S. over $700 billion each year. Those costs include health care, productivity loss, crime, incarceration and drug enforcement. Source
  3. $9.2 billion was allotted for early intervention and addictions treatment in the Federal Drug Control budget in 2013. Source
  4. Over 70 percent of the estimated costs of alcohol abuse are due to lost productivity in the workplace. Source
  5.  24% of workers report drinking during the workday at least once in the past year in federal surveys. Source
  6. Cigarette smoking costs the US over $300 billion a year, including $170 billion in health care and $156 billion in lost productivity. Source
  7. On average, addictions treatment costs $1,583 per patient, with a corresponding $11,487 return in benefits to society; this is a return on investment of 7 to 1. Most of the benefits come from reduced crime and increased employment earnings. Source
  8. Every $1 invested in treatment reduces the costs of drug-related crime, criminal justice costs, and theft by $4 to $7. Source
  9. 25 cents of every dollar spent on health care is spent on the treatment of diseases or disabilities resulting from behaviors that could potentially be changed. Source
  10. The cost to replace an employee making less than $30K per year is 16% of their annual salary. Source

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